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Subject:  A Call to Fairness

To all Woodrow Families,

It came to our attention on May 24, 2019 that the ranking procedure for Woodrow students was altered due to a clerical error at the district level.  At that point it was requested that this error be corrected, that an explanation be delivered and the Woodrow community be notified of this error. 

Despite repeated calls and requests made via email to: the Principal of Woodrow Wilson High School, to the Dallas ISD Executive Director, to the Dallas ISD Deputy Chief, to the Dallas ISD Director of School Leadership, to the Dallas ISD Chief of School Leadership, and to the Woodrow Wilson Dallas ISD Trustee, this error has not been corrected or explained, nor has the Woodrow community been notified that their student’s ranking is likely incorrect.

This has affected many IB students, but has more so affected students from the other three Woodrow Academies. The IB Parent Board and IB families are deeply upset about this error and opposed to any unfair credits awarded due to this clerical error.

Please pass along this information to other Woodrow families to express your concern in the name of fairness and to ask for action to correct this mistake. Below is a list of contacts for you to reach out to.

In the name of all Woodrow Students,

The IBPO Executive Board,

Francie Hansen, IBPO President

Elizabeth Furrh, IBPO Vice-President

Susan Schwietzer, IBPO Treasurer

Nicole Loper, IBPO Secretary

Carrie Fisketjon, IBPO Volunteer Coordinator


Serving Woodrow Wilson Highschool, Dallas, Texas.

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