2019 AP Macro economics Review Schedule

Mr. McCaffity


Tuesday April 16th after school:  Unit 1 (Basic Concepts)
Wednesday April 17th after school:  Unit 1 (Basic Concepts)
Thursday April 18th after school:  Unit 1 (Basic Concepts)
Tuesday April 23rd after school:  Unit 2 (GDP, Inflation, and Unemployment)
Wednesday April 24th after school: Unit 2 (GDP, Inflation, and Unemployment)
Thursday April 25th after school: Unit 2 (GDP, Inflation, and Unemployment)
Tuesday April 30th after school:  Unit 5 (International Trade)
Wednesday May 1st after school:  Unit 5 (International Trade)
Saturday May 11th 9:00 – noon:  Units 3 and 4 (Fiscal and Monetary Policy)

***80% of students that came to the Saturday review last year passed the exam***
Tuesday May 14th after school:  exam format, tips, etc.
Wednesday May 15th:  AP Macroeconomics Exam

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